Nike NYC Logo

Working as part of the Nike Express Lane team, I designed a collection of graphic tees to be sold exclusively at Nike SoHo in 2018. The challenge was to appeal to both tourists and local New Yorkers.

Nike NYC, New York Over Everything


Nike NYC, Matthew Wolff

To celebrate the opening of the new Nike store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, I was asked to design a commemorative t-shirt. I designed this cartoon of a bunch of friends heading to the store together 🙂

NY vs NY

NY vs NY Nike

Working with the Nike Express Lane team and the New York Brand Marketing team, we designed a series of shooting shirts for each of the parks represented in the 2018 NY vs NY tournament.

Nike West 4th, NY vs NY, The Cage
NY vs NY, Basketball, 2018, Nike
Nike NY vs NY, Durant, Dyckman, Matthew Wolff Design